Imagining a Concept Map for Professional Ethics in Chemistry: Make your Case for the Main Hubs

Organizers: Kelly Elkins, Rainer Glaser, Susan Schelble

Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 10:30 AM -12:30 PM (EDT)

Description: We seek to develop a multi-level anchoring chemical concept map (ACCM) for professional ethics in chemistry. This model has been developed and employed successfully by the ACS Examinations Institute for over ten years. Anchoring chemistry concept maps utilize a four-tiered structure and provide a content framework for education on a topic for the entire undergraduate chemistry curriculum. The tiers increase in specificity from Level I to IV. Levels III and IV are entirely content specific. In this session the presenters will discuss an ethics concept map and specific details with interested professionals.


1. ACS guidance for professional and ethical behavior. Susan Schelble

2. Development of an anchoring concepts content map (ACCM) for Ethics. Kelly Elkins

3. Altruistic Advancement: a basis for a concept map of ethics in chemistry. Kristina Proctor

4. Anchoring concepts content map (ACCM) for science ethics: Alignment with undergraduate education and a roadmap to ethics instruction. Rainer Glaser

5. Publication ethics: righting misconceptions of scientific writing. Judith Currano

6. Teaching ethics in science: Strategies to train students for their future careers, the dos and don’ts. Michael Jacobs

7. Discussion moderated by Susan Schelble