Call for Nominations for the Ethics ChemLuminary Award

The Ethics committee wants to promote visibility of the Ethics ChemLuminary Award with all Local Sections with the hope of increasing the number of nominations we receive each year and the amount of Local Section programming involving ethics. 

All ChemLuminary award nominations should be submitted by Local Sections via the Annual report. The nominations are due by February 15th of each calendar year. The self-nomination must demonstrate the innovative aspects of the activity. Information about the ethics event/activity must include the following in the self-nomination process: attendance, impact on the local ACS members, joint planning with other groups (if any), and the overall success of the event. Examples of previous award winners include an inclusive process to develop a local section-specific conduct policy to clarify expectations of members’ professional behavior; and a public museum exhibit about unintended consequences of chemical innovations.

Nominate your Local Section by using a form at the ACS ChemLuminary Awards webpage